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Barn Owls nest successfully at Thorley Wash Nature Reserve. After two poor nesting years following on from a long winter and then flood conditions, it looks as if the Barn Owl population is recovering in response to the warm conditions. A Barn Owl was seen last week by MHJ at Thorley Wash, hunting over the rough grassland by the railway.

Follow up today has discovered that one of the nest boxes contains five well grown Barn Owl chicks.

Because the adults start to incubate as soon as the first egg is laid, one of the chicks is about to fledge in the next few days and the last one is still quite fluffy.

In order for the adults to firstly nest, then to lay and hatch five eggs and rear five young to the fledging stage, means that there must be an abundant food supply. It is possible that they may nest again.  This is great news for the depleted Barn Owl population in the Stort Valley and surrounding area.

Barn Owl chicks JS 24/6/14

Barn Owl chicks being ringed JS 24/6/14

Barn Owl chicks being weighed JS 24/6/14

Stort Watch Barn Owl breeding Success