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Over the Farm Gate - Spring 2020

This is a double passage migrant which we see in spring travelling north to breed and in autumn travelling south. They are always sighted in open areas which is their typical moorland habitat. Apologies for the image quality taken on a mobile phone. CBJ

 Caterpillar feeding on a wild rose bloom.  Any suggestions as to what this might be?

Another one not traditionally popular with farmers because it hosts the eggs of the Black Bean aphid over winter.

Probably a female walking slowly. A semi-resident herd is present on the farm.



Spindle on bloom

Fallow deer footprints

Guelder Rose in the farm hedge

Sometimes called the European Cranberry because of the orange fruits. The cultivated form is the Snowball Bush which is thought to have been bred in the Gelderland region of the Netherlands.

Brown Slug

One of the many species of Deroceras.

Common Fumitory

Common Fumitory by the side of a farm track in brick rubble. It is also known as ‘earth smoke’ – fumus terrae hence the name. It is related to the Yellow Corydalis which grows out of walls.

Bent Banana Gall

Bent Banana Gall also known as Pocket Plum disease on Wild Plum. This is a fungal infection of the very young fruit by Taphrina pruni rendering the fruit useless to anything but the fungus!