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Not forgetting!

A number of our members are also active participants in the National Trust Coppicing Volunteers. Every year we participate in the Wood Fest to help publicise Forest wildlife and provide practical activities for children.

How has the Forest bird population changed over the years?

Every year we carry out our Big Bird Watch annually in May/June to monitor changes in the bird population.

Click the link to find out about this year’s survey.

What effect are the deer having on the Forest plants?

We have helped out with the Fallow Deer survey to help inform management of the population.

Rare Horseflies reported

The Hairy Horsefly (Hybometria bimaculata) has not been reported for the past 30 years and the Bright Horsefly (Hybometria distinguenda) is a new record for North West Essex. Both are impressive insects and both will bite humans given half a chance! GV.

Common lizards with young

There is a good population of Common Lizards on the Forest this year and GV was lucky to get this shot of an adult with a young one.

Big Forest Bird Watch

Hatfield Forest

Breeding birds survey

Coppicers Nature Audio Diary

Bob Reed - Leader of the Hatfield Forest Coppice Volunteers

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