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Graeme Smith

Here's one of a bird that's becoming the bird to keep an eye out for on lunchbreaks at Hayter.

Must be common now along the Stort in winter? Increase in little egret sightings this year in Spellbrook. None in first 6 years from Hayter. 6 sightings during next six years. 6 more THIS year include bird grounding to feed in stream on Hayter land 3 times and once a pair fly by. Same path walked twice a day, 219 work days of the year for 13 years.


Also worth a mention.  We watch the entrance daffodils at work for their first flower, a competitive game between me and Steve that began in spring 2003.  This year our record was broken by amazing 15 days on 3rd feb'15! (Previous earliest on 18th feb '11)

Moths: only 15 species notes in our local excursions in jan, here's a couple from this year already and a l'bird:

These photos all by me...

Photos from society members

Little egret- by Steve Easby


Spring usher

Dotted border


Acleris literana (only my third, a pretty scarce Herts moth)

Mottled umber

2 Orange so far (this and 7 spot only species found)

Early month

Jan moths record (SE/GJS only) up and about (or found in hibernation)