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View from the Marsh Birchhanger Wood

Following on from a report of Ravens in the area  some weeks ago there has now been a positive sighting of these same birds giving every intention that they may well be nesting in the Hatfield Forest area.

Over the Farm Gate

After all the sitting around over Christmas, it is surely time for a healthy walk or two! Perhaps, for the commuter, the early morning walk to the station, where the chance of hearing the Song Thrush will cheer you on your way?

Alternatively, for the 'retireds', some longer excursions are on offer along our pleasant footpath systems that can take you out around the arable fields now increasingly green with the crops gradually establishing themselves. Though frustratingly muddy now after a very wet season, the Green Belt that protectively surrounds our town, offers every walker the possibility of an adrenaline moment: a Barn Owl quartering a field, a Kestrel hovering on busy wings for the sight of its prey or, rarer, a dashing Merlin zigzagging low across a field in the hopeful chance of flushing a Skylark. In the woods & gardens the Great Tit will begin to sing, quickly followed by the Blue Tit. All of which, rapidly silenced by the onset of colder weather - it is winter after all!

You may also recall that I mentioned the arrival of a party of Golden Plover last month where they were 'loafing' in an arable crop near Stortford Park. At the time writing, they have also been reported flying over Tesco &, while only fifty birds are currently present, they are capable of producing a mastery of aerobatics as they dive, swerve & rise. Seen on a fine frosty morning is guaranteed to make your day!

The Society has two meetings booked for January & these are as follows:

Fri. 9 Jan. The Otter. An illustrated talk by Bob Reed, BSNHS Chairman

Fri.23 Jan. Danbury Common. An illustrated talk by Stuart Banks, Head Ranger, National Trust

Both meetings take place in the Meeting Room in the Office Block at Hatfield Forest  at 8pm. Non- members are more than welcome.

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