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Following on from a report of Ravens in the area  some weeks ago there has now been a positive sighting of these same birds giving every intention that they may well be nesting in the Hatfield Forest area.

Over the Farm Gate

The nights draw in & the countryside begins to adopt a subtle autumn hue which will slowly develop as the month moves on. With a harvest to satisfy the most cynical farmer, the woods stand over the bare fields as if waiting for the seasonal calamity to befall it. The colder nights will hasten this changing scene, embraced by the first mists of early morning. However, with the fine summer we have had, our wildlife has flourished.

At Hatfield Forest both the Common Tern & the Great Crested Grebe produced young after a two year period of puzzlingly negative outcomes. Both birds are a great visitor attraction & the National Trust takes great pains to accommodate both species in an overcrowded lake. It was 2007 when the long distance wandering terns were provided with a raft on which to breed and, after a worrying two years of failure, one young bird has made it into the air again. The Grebes suffered the same problem, with failure put down to disturbance over the last two years and, although two pairs were successful this year, only one in each reached the fledgling stage.

Meanwhile, the blackberry season is once again with us and, as with last year, it is proving to be an excellent one.  Add the promise of a good apple crop & the prospect of forthcoming apple & blackberry pies is an appealing one! The hazelnut crop, too, looks good, though you will need to move fast to beat the squirrels to it!

After the bustle of WoodFest at Hatfield Forest at the beginning of the month, the Society is joining forces with the Friends of Pishiobury Park for a Bat Evening in the Park on September 26th. at 7.30pm. Bat detectors will be in use & it will be fascinating to identify each of the species by sound! Meeting point is TL 47573 13957 but please advise the Chairman - Bob Reed - if wishing to attend.

In Hatfield Forest there is another chance to try your hand at archery skills on September 28th between 10.30am - 4pm. Details from or phone 0844 249 1895.

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