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Recent records and sightings 2020

All records relate to sightings by members within a 10 mile radius of Hatfield Forest.

Abbreviations :      HF Hatfield Forest

                            SWM Sawbridgeworth Marsh

                            TW Thorley Wash

                             P Pishiobury Park

                            BP Bishops Park

                            SCP Southern Country Park


Magpie nest building. 27th. February. Birchanger. LP.

Cow Parsley in flower. Birchanger. 17th March. LP

Blue Tit nest building. 18th March. Birchanger. LP

Two male Bullfinches and one female Bullfinch feeding in hedge. Birchanger LP

Brimstone butterfly. 17th March. Turner’s Spring. CS.

Ash tree in flower. BS. 18th March. AW

Three or four Greenfinches on garden feeder. AW

Rookery in Thorley Lane East. AW

Blackbirds courting and mating in garden. BS. AW

Two Song Thrushes singing in Southern Country Park. AW

Female blackbird nest building.HC

Male Blackcap. HC.

Queen bumblebees feeding on flowering shrub. Perry Green. RR.

March 2010

CS has been active in the Wickham Hall and Hoggates Wood to the North of Bishops Stortford. The latter would has a good display of Wood anemones, Dog Violet and Primroses. Flock of Fieldfares. Red Kite. Green Woodpecker and Greater Spotted Woodpecker drumming, Stock Doves calling, 2 Tree Creepers and in his garden in BS, flock of goldfinches, Blue Tits nest building, Comma and Brimstone Butterfly. Several Drone Flies (Bombylus major), Similar record for Drone flies Sawbridgeworth garden RR.

Several people have been recording Peacock Butterfly RR in Sawbridgeworth JW in Widford as well as Small Tortoiseshell JF

In BS, CS has also recorded an early bat flying over his garden, almost certainly a Common Pipistrelle.


Coltsfoot in flower and Bee Orchid in leaf both at Matching Tye. Several pairs of skylarks singing. Sheering. CB.

Ladies Smock on bloom. Cettis Warbler calling. Snipe. Sawbridgeworth Marsh. RR.

First Swallow sighting. Widford. JW.

Grange Paddocks.BS. Two buzzards overhead. Green Woodpecker. Garlic Mustard in bloom. Elder coming on flower. CS.

Hoggates Wood and Wickham Hall. Three buzzards overhead, mewing call. Flock of 12 House Sparrows feeding on spilled grain. Cowslips on bloom. CS.

Members are doing short walks in the area of Bishops Stortford and recording a wide range of birds including small flocks of Yellowhammers and Jay. CS.  

Spring flowers are also being recorded, including Early Purple Orchid and Ladies Smock. CS.

Cuckoo. Roydon. 24th April. JW.

Cuckoo. Sawbridgeworth. 29th April. RR.

Swallow. Little Hallingbury.30th April. RR.

Cuckoo. Stebbing. ST.

Earlier observations and sightings

In and around Bishops Stortford, Wickham Hall and Hoggates Wood. White throat. Blackcap. Small flock Linnets. Lesser Whitethroat. Marsh Tit. Holly blue butterfly. Orange tip butterfly. Goldilocks and Dog Rose on bloom as well as Meadow buttercups. Queen Hornet in BS garden. CS.

Wild Arum coming on bloom. Birchanger Wood. VJ.

Swallows, Grasshopper Warbler, Cetti’s Warbler, Sedge Warbler. Little Egret. Thorley Wash. DW.

Reed Bunting calling in oilseed rape field. Sheering. RR.

Red Campion on flower. AF.

St Marks flies. BS. AF.

House Martins over housing estate. Lower Sheering. CR.

One Swift. Lower Sheering. CR.

Swallows nest prospecting. Quickbury Farm. Hatfield Heath. CR.

Hedgehogs courting in garden. Lower Sheering. CR.

This relatively long section of Records and Sightings is from our member Andy S. I am sure he would not mind me saying so, but Andy is a naturalist of the old school and he sends me his records by what some people would rudely and disparagingly call ‘snail mail’. The fact is that it is always great to receive a letter (unless it is in a Brown envelope) and letters always contain something of importance (excepting junk mail!). These records go back to the beginning of the year but are of value nevertheless.

Red Kite. Hunsdon. 12/3/20. Widford 12/3/20. Hadham Road BS 16/3/20. All birds over residential areas.

2 buzzards on the edge of Hunsdon Airfield. 12/3/20.

Skylark in song. Hunsdon Airfield. 12/3/20.

Great Spotted Woodpecker (possibly two birds) in the wooded area of Grange Paddocks. 15/3/20.

Black Headed Gulls-in summer plumage. BS 8/3/20.

Much activity of common passerines in BS. Thrush, Blackbird, Dunnock, Wren, Blue and Great Titmice (a term not heard very often these days).

Ash Trees (Fraxinus excelsior) Emergent male flowers BS from first week in March. BS.

Sallow. Salix sp. Male and female catkins 13/3/20.

Black Poplar. Male catkins BS Causeway. Eight./3/20.

Wind flower (Wood Anemone) open flowers in Upton Road BS. 12/3/20.

Lesser Celandines in same location, open flowers. 12/3/20.

Witlow Grass. Flowering in crevice in wall Upton Road BS. 15/3/20

Primroses. Flowering in many BS locations including Rye Street. 15/3/20.

Flowering Wood Rush ( Luzula campestris. St Michael’s Church yard. BS. 13/3/20.

Fungi in the first week of March 2020.

Brown Capped Coprinus (Ink Cap). Grange Paddocks and BS Causeway area on rotting wood. Probably Coprinus atramentarius or Coprinus micaceous.

Cup fungus. Peziza sp. On edge of lawn in BS garden.

Trametes fungus on cut logs, North end of Grange Paddocks.

Possible Pluteus sp on mossy log. BS Causeway 8/3/20.

Large Bumble Bees probably Bonbus terrestris recorded in BS and Hunsdon on 10/3 and 12/3/20.

Adult Ladybirds. Seven spot and Harlequin on Lavender bush in garden 17/3/20.

Adult Green Lacewing. Emerging from hibernation BS. 16/3/20.