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Recent records and sightings

All records relate to sightings by members within a 10 mile radius of Hatfield Forest.

Abbreviations : HF Hatfield Forest

                            SWM Sawbridgeworth Marsh

                            TW Thorley Wash

                             P Pishiobury Park

                            BP Bishops Park

                            SCP Southern Country Park


6/10/17. Trees, autumn colours. Parts of R, Stort choked with Pennywort.

20/10/17. In bloom, Bramble,Yarrow, Violets, Celandine.

Honey fungus. Fistulina hepatica

3/11/17. In bloom, cow parsley, hogweed, field scabious.

Tress showing drought stress.

17/11/17. Milk cap (Lactarius) Abundant pennywort on R Stort.

In bloom: Bramble, White Deadnettle, ragwort, dandelion, sowthistle, red clover, groundsel, yarrow, spear thistle, buttercup, chamomile, cranesbill.

1/12/17. Snowdrop.

8/12/17. Clitocybe sp.

5/1/18. Gorse in flower, daffodil in flower .

19/1/18. Hazel catkins, Poa annua,Veronica speedwell, Yew male flowers.

2/2/18. Celandine, snowdrops, daffodils (bud) SWM.


20/10/2017.Red Kite, Thorley

3/11/2017.  Goldfinch, chaffinch,starlings,robin, coal tits, blue tits, wood pigeon, collared dove, heron. In BS garden.

Cetti's Warbler SWM

Redwings, fieldfares BS. Green woodpecker Bishops Park.

Hawfinches x23 HF Bush End

17/11/2017. Song Thrush, Long Tailed tits, coal tits, blue tits, goldfinches.

Redwings Tednambury. Kingfisher x2, Little Egret, Heron: Grange Paddocks.

Hawfinch x 6 HF.

1/12/2017. Fieldfares, siskins, kingfisher, Little Egret. Red Kites x2, Kestrel, + the usual garden birds.

8/12/2017.Charm of goldfinches (25) BS. Barn Owl.

5/1/2018. Pair of goldcrest, redwings, red kite, Raven,( Little Hadham) Marsh tits HF Lake

19/1/2018. Partial albino magpie, red kites, brambling, hawfinch, tawny owl roosting, Cetti's warbler (SWM) Little Egret (Grange Paddocks) Yellow hammer. Crane (near Puckeridge)

2/2/2018 Hawfinches HF, Parakeet PP, Sparrow hawk, dabchick, Wigeon, Blackcap (F) Siskins, Jay all in HF.

2017 observations and sightings


7/10/2017. Regular OTTER signs SWM. Mink Roydon. Water vole SCP

20/10/2017.Harvest mouse nest SWM. Water voles doing well SWM

Foxes BS

3/11/2017. Mink Gibberd Garden. Mink, water voles TW. Water voles SWM

17/11/2017.Stoat, hedgehogs (2) SWM. Brown Hare Sheering. Fallow Deer Thorley.

1/12/2017. Fallow Deer, water voles, stoat/mink tracks SWM Muntjac.

8/12/2017. Mink SWM, TW, Rushy Mead.

5/1/2018. Fallow deer Farnham, Moles active, Foxes calling. Dead fox Apton Rd.

19/1/2018 Roe deer Rye Meads. Large Male mink, muntjac, Water Vole, Fox TW.

2/2/2018. Weasel PP. Water vole,SWM. Hare, fox, muntjac Farnham.


7/10/2017 Comma, Red Admiral, Merveille du jour.

20/10/2017 Red Admirals, Clifden non-pareil, L-Album wainscot.

3/11/2017 Red Admirals

17/11/2017 Red Admirals

1/12/2017 Red Admiral

8/12/2017 Common sp of plume moth

19/1/2018 Mottled umber moth, 20 plumed moth

2/2/2018  Double striped pug moth, Lackey moth caterpillar HF


7/10/2017 Willow Emerald Damselfly TW

20/10/2017 Knot grass caterpillars, many hornets in nettle, wasp nest. SWM

17/11/2017 Bombus terrestris

1/12/2017 Bombus terrestris

8/12/2017 Harvestman (opilion)

5/1/2018 White tailed bumble bees x2

19/1/2018 Yew galls and gall midge

2/2/2018 Hoverflies


7/10/2017 Soil v dry at 10 cm.

20/10/2017 Chalk rivers flow before normal. Above ave temps.

3/11/2017 Mon 30/10 1.5 C, air frost. Fri 3/11 16 C!

17/11/2017 -1.4 C SWM

1/12/2017 Below ave temps. Frosts all week. Light snow 30/11. Little rain

8/12/2017 Below ave temps. Frosts. Snow 10 Dec. 11-17 Dec below 0 every night. 11th Dec overnight -7 C.

5/1/2018 SWM  Marsh regularly flooded. Backwater water level V high.

2/2/2018 North wind. Cold by day, rain, Some night frost.