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2017 records and sightings

Records and Sightings for April 2107.


Pair of ravens over Hatfield Forest.RR.

Cetti's Warbler at Sawbridgeworth Marsh and Thorley Wash. DS. RR.

Willow Warbler. Sawbridgeworth Marsh.RR

Kingfisher Sawbridgeworth Marsh. RR.

Swallow. Thorley Wash. DS.

Cuckoo. Hatfield Forest. DP.

Tree Creeper. Birchanger Wood. DP.

Blackbird feeding young. JF.

Dunnock feeding young.

Collared Dove and Wood all in Bishops Stortford garden.


Badger resident in Pishiobury Park. RR.

Otter. Sawbridgeworth Marsh.RR.

Mink. River Stort. Hunsdon.RR.

Water Vole. Thorley Wash.DS.


Oxlips. Wall Wood. RR.

Hawthorn on bloom. Stansteadbury. RR.

Wisteria on bloom. DP.

Oxlips and Early Purple Orchid. Birchanger Wood. RW. DP.

Large number of Oak Apples. SH.


Orange Tip. Peacock. Tortoiseshell. Speckled Wood. All at Sawbridgeworth Marsh.RR.


Other insects.

Large Red Damselfly. Garden pond. JF.


Rainfall for winter 2016-2017 50-70% below average. Driest winter for 20 years.

Records from JS's local birding patch.

Little Egret - South Sawbridgeworth (floods by the river) 4th Jan

Lesser Redpoll - 2 by Feake’s Lock (South Sawbridgeworth)  on 17th Jan with c30 Yellowhammers, c30 Chaffinch, and 5 Reed Buntings.

Jack Snipe. 1 at Sawbirdgeworth Marsh on 19th Jan.

Kingfisher. 1 seen twice on the brook at Springhall Lane. Once catching a fish.

Treecreeper 4 at Hatfield Forest (Wall Wood) on 26th Jan

Herring Gull. 1 over Pishiobury Park on 6th Feb. Personally I see very few Herring Gulls in this immediate area. Most larger gulls are Lesser-Black-Backed Gulls so I was quite pleased to see this!

Muntjac Deer - 1 between Pishiobury Park and the river on a couple of occasions.

Walks south of Sawbridgeworth generally have Redwing, Fieldfare, Sparrowhawk, Common Buzzard, Nuthatch, Green woodpecker, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Cormorant, Grey Heron, Bullfinch, Goldcrest amongst other common birds.

Monday 14th Dec – 12 siskins feeding in alders, Sawbridgeworth Marsh  AS

Monday 14th Dec – male and female goldcrests in willow on riverbank, Sawbridgeworth Marsh. AS

JF has seen five Weasels crossing the road in line at Dane O'Coys Lane. BS.

Female Stonechat on fencepost– Sawbridgeworth Marsh Sunday 4th October AS

Jersey Tiger moth nectaring on Buddleia, Lower Sheering – 4th August 2015

Honey Buzzard over Lower Sheering Monday 11th May – Gliding low overhead about 9.00am and drifting slowly in a SW direction, then appeared to go into a shallow dive before it was lost to view. AS

26.4.2015: A pleasant 6 mile circular walk this afternoon including Southern Country Park, Thorley Church, Thorley Wash, River Stort and Rushy Mead provided the following sightings in addition to the more common species: 1 Cuckoo, 4 Green Woodpecker, 1 Great Spotted Woodpecker, 4 Skylarks displaying, 2 Meadow Pipit, 1 Pied Wagtail, 3 Blackcap, 1 Garden Warbler, 4 Chiffchaff, 2 Willow Warbler and 2 Goldfinch. Additionally, one of the many Mallards on the River Stort had a brood of 8 very young ducklings. CS

1 male Cetti’s warbler singing briefly from cover on riverbank, Sawbridgeworth Marsh, 2nd Nov 2014. AS

1 Speckled Wood and several tandem pairs (M and F) Common Darter, by pond in Little Valet Homes, Sawbridgeworth Marsh, 31st October 2014. AS

Juvenile Kingfisher flying along recently cleared scrape, Great Valet Homes, Sawbridgeworth marsh, 31st October 2014. AS

17/10/14  Pair male bullfinch, hare, five skylark and fifteen red legged partridge all around Farnham.

From John Slee. Local birder

A rewarding late afternoon walk along the Stort catching the cross over between local summer and winter migrants.

Stonechat 1m on the plants in the ditch between fields up from Feakes Lock toward the railway. Several years since the last one. Given the recent national influx and the pair at Hatfield Forest this is not a surprise, but a welcome bird all the same.

Yellowhammer 3 in the bunting bush

Skylark 2 and Meadow Pipit 1 over the farmland

Willow Chiff – 2 brownish individuals and a third calling along the river.

SLRS(Sheering Lower Road Scrape which can be spotted from the towpath across the river,please do not trespass, it will frighten the birds anyway).

Shoveler 2m 3f

Teal c10

Wigeon 7! Biggest number I’ve had there.

Others: Sparrowhawk, Jay, Green Woodpecker, Great-Spotted Woodpecker.

29/9/14.    A pair of Stonechat that have been on the marsh in Hatfield Forest for the last two weeks. Also, Keith Overall reports a large party of migrant Meadow Pipit there as well, yesterday. HC

29/9/14.  1 male Cetti’s warbler singing from thick cover in Great Valet Homes, Sawbridgeworth Marsh.

28th Sept 2014. 1 Small Heath, Round Moors, Sawbridgeworth Marsh, 28th Sept 2014.  AS.

July 8th. Red Kite seen over gardens in Apsley Close, Bishops Stortford. It seemed to be hunting over the Havers Estate and Thornbera Road. JR and SR.

In the same vein and one day later, a farmer reported a Red Kite swooping low over the grass field he was cutting at Little Hallingbury, he parked his tractor under a tree and sat and watched!  DR.

More positive evidence of Otter on the 4th, 6th and 8th July.  RR.

26 May 2014 – Male Turtle Dove calling from scrub, Maymeads Marsh, Harlow. AS

26 May 2014 – Pair of Turtle Doves on telegraph wires, River Stort near Redrick’s Farm. AS

Wednesday 21st May. Mole crossing road at statutory 2 mph at Hatfield Broad Oak. Also along the same stretch of road, Little Owl on top of telegraph pole. All at 9:10 AM. RR

Grange Paddocks, Bishops Stortford. 7/5/14.

Female Greater Spotted Woodpecker, Cuckoo calling and Kingfisher giving a brilliant display of colour as it flew away up the Bourne Brook. JR.  

NB. Kingfisher has been reported before flying up this Brook and it makes you wonder if there might not be a nest site there somewhere?  RR.

Swarm of bees at Little Hallingbury. 30/4/14. RR

Pair of Nuthatches on bird feeders also at Little Hallingbury. 30/4/14. RR

Snipe, possibly Jack Snipe, behaving in a way suggestive of nesting at Thorley Wash. 1/5/14. HC

Nest of Tortoiseshell butterfly larvae at Sawbridgeworth Marsh Nature Reserve. 4/5/14.MB

Friday 9th May. Small group of Swifts over the Fair Green in Sawbridgeworth.  RR.

Hatfield Forest, Friday 25th April 2014: from CS

Great Crested Grebe on nest on lake.

Canada Goose on nest on lake.

Mallard with young on lake.

Coot with young on decoy lake.

3 Common Terns around tern raft on lake.

8 Swallows over lake.

2 Cuckoos calling.

Several Whitethroats, Chiffchaffs and Blackcaps calling

CS also suggests that we keep an ear open for Turtle Doves which have become a bit of a rarity nationally but which are apparently just arriving from the continent.

Peregrine Falcon – Friday 27th March, Row Wood, White Roding AS

2 Red Kites – Saturday 28th March, Easton Lodge, Little Easton

10 Snipe -  Saturday 4th April, Sawbridgeworth Marsh - flushed off sedgebed. AS

Sand Martin – Saturday 4th April, Sawbridgeworth Marsh – one flew overhead AS

Swallow – Monday 6th April, Easton Lodge, Little Easton AS

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