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Does the Stort still have Water Voles?

We support a number of strategies to encourage the return of Water Voles including mink control and liaison with the Canal and Rivers Trust to try and improve management of riverside habitat.

The Society is active in the Stort Valley in a number of practical projects:-

Giving Barn Owls a helping hand

We have put up 38 Barn Owl Nest Boxes from Manuden to Roydon. We had one brood of owlets in 2012.

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Are there any otters on the Stort?

We are helping to create otter sanctuaries as well as monitoring otter presence.

Where have all the wildflowers gone?

We have carried out scrub clearance to restore an overgrown Meadow for butterflies and wildflowers. This project has been really successful and resulted in many wildflowers reappearing.

What lives in the River Stort?

We carry out regular surveys for freshwater invertebrates and mammals.

Canals & Rivers Trust

Big improvement in the management of Riverside vegetation. In previous years the contractors have ruthlessly mown down the waterside vegetation. This year, as a result of lobbying by this society, they have followed their management brief much more closely and preserved a very useful waterside strip of vegetation for wildlife. They have also recognised and respected plants such as the Yellow Flag Iris. The picture from last year is to show the contrast.




Stort Watch

Harvest Mouse success

On the evening of Saturday 12th of July a number of members placed baited Longworth traps on some raised stands at Sawbridgeworth Marsh. The following night there was heavy rain and the hopes were not high for a catch of small mammals. In the event when the traps were checked the following morning we were very pleased and surprised to catch a Harvest Mouse which is the first time for this species. Also in the catch were two Wood Mice and one Common Shrew. This is interesting because all the traps were at least 0.5 m off the ground.

Stort Watch

Bat Evening in Pishobury Park

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